About the Dome Ranch

DENISE HACKEL – DIRECTOR OF THE DOME RANCH has extensive experience working with people with disabilities and children from low income as a tutor and mentor, e.g. Big Brother and Big Sisters. She is the current co-president of the St Croix Valley affiliate for the National Association on Mental Illness (NAMI) and has taught family members and facilitated support groups. She has served as a consultant to the League of Women Voters, Hennepin County and as staff at the INTER-RACE Institute for over 10 years. She holds a degree in Child Psychology and has taught special education students in Milwaukee and Minneapolis Public Schools. She has owned a small cottage craft industry for 25 years. She has many long term relationships with at risk and diverse youth through her many volunteer experiences.

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Phone: 715-639-2078

Our Values

"We believe everyone needs someone to believe in them and love them unconditionally. We all can learn lifelong skills from nature. The animals at the Dome Ranch offer a safe learning experience. Even children are not intimidated by our animals and feel comfortable hugging, grooming, and feeding them treats. Our staff and animals are dedicated to making lives happier, more hopeful and successful." In addition to spending time with the animals, visitors at the Dome Ranch have the opportunity to create a nature craft, cook/sample great garden recipes, and enjoy a beautiful nature walk.

Currently the animals at the Dome Ranch include small sheep, miniature horses, many varieties of small goats, a Great Pyrenees dog, kittens, cute bantam chickens, cuddly bunnies, pheasants, peacocks, quails, ducks, Sebastopol geese, a Juliana/Potbelly pig, and a darling hedgehog. Coming this spring are sugar gliders and chinchillas!

We partner with the Diversity Leadership Institute

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