Field Trips

At the Dome Ranch we offer a fantastic field trip opportunity for organizations to bring their children, youth, adults and family groups. The Dome Ranch is a safe environmental center located on 32 acres in the beautiful bluffs of Spring Valley, WI, a 45 minute drive from downtown St Paul. Our goats, horses, sheep and other unique animals provide hours of fun, learning, companionship and love. We have a large garden for our visitors to enjoy planting, harvesting, cooking and eating vegetables and fruits. The 800 square foot deck is a perfect place to eat your lunch and create nature craft projects, while enjoying the spectacular view. The nature trails weaving through our wooded acres offer great learning and recreation opportunities. At the Dome Ranch, we provide a "complete country experience."

Our field trips are reasonably priced -- contact us to set a date for your group to enjoy the Dome Ranch. We are open for field trips in the spring, summer or fall.

  • Learning about the animals, history, roles
  • Feeding the animals-- grains, treats, bottle feeding of baby animals
  • Grooming and interacting with the animals

  • Using animal products– spinning & hooking sheep's wool, milking goats and making goat cheese, using chicken eggs, crafts with peacock feathers
  • Cooking – jellies, salsa, pickles, cookies, healthy snacks from garden produce

  • Experiencing sheep wool crafts and other nature crafts
  • Nature walks – birds, trees, wild flower identification, the appreciation of the beauty/peacefulness of the woods plus play equipment made from trees in the woods.
  • Process of growing hay/use of hay to feed animals; straw to bed animals
  • Maple syrup processes and taste testing
  • Gardening – planting, harvesting, cooking, food preservation, healthy food instruction and samples
  • Milking goats and using goat milk in your foods
  • Healthy lifestyles

Our Values

"We believe everyone needs someone to believe in them and love them unconditionally. We all can learn lifelong skills from nature. The animals at the Dome Ranch offer a safe learning experience. Even children are not intimidated by our animals and feel comfortable hugging, grooming, and feeding them treats. Our staff and animals are dedicated to making lives happier, more hopeful and successful." In addition to spending time with the animals, visitors at the Dome Ranch have the opportunity to create a nature craft, cook/sample great garden recipes, and enjoy a beautiful nature walk.

Currently the animals at the Dome Ranch include small sheep, miniature horses, many varieties of small goats, a Great Pyrenees dog, kittens, cute bantam chickens, cuddly bunnies, pheasants, peacocks, quails, ducks, Sebastopol geese, a Juliana/Potbelly pig, and a darling hedgehog. Coming this spring are sugar gliders and chinchillas!

We partner with the Diversity Leadership Institute

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